Dry Van

We aggregate the fragmented truckload market into a simplified experience, even when unplanned issues arise. Tap into the largest network of truckload capacity in North America for reliable dry van shipping options.

Full Truckload

Full Truckload Shipping involves the movement of large amounts of homogeneous cargo to the required destination. As Cargo Logistics, we offer Full Truckload shipping to our clients, a safe and effective service to cater to all your needs.

Less Then Truckload

Industry rising demand and fulfill more frequent orders with LTL shipping solutions that get your products where they need to be, on time in full. For the ultimate level of flexibility, let us help you find the right combination of LTL freight services to gain efficiencies while exceeding customer expectations.

LTL Freight
Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled Shipping (Fresh Produced & Frozen Shipping)

When it comes to shipping, Cargo Logistics is observant and knowing of the fact a big fraction of the goods is perishable, which is why we offer an effective service where such items are stored in a Temperature Controlled environment. We make sure your temperature-sensitive freight arrives safely and on schedule. Maximize our climate-controlled shipping services to meet even the most stringent requirements and maintain the quality you expect.


Drayage is a shipping service where goods are transported to short distances, Cargo Logistics offers small and large businesses a service where they are able to send or receive commodities in a safe, secure and timely manner.

Air Freight

Air Freight is known as the safest and the quickest way to transport goods nationally, as Cargo Logistics, with our years of experience in the market, we have various networks through which we transport good through various cities, with appropriate security and timely measures, we guarantee an untroubled way to ship goods overseas. Our Air Freight Services follow a detailed standard and we abstain to compromise on our standards.

Rail Shipping

Railway shipping is one of the most reliable options of transporting good to other cities within the country. Cargo Logistics offers a shipping method which is cost effective, a service offers efficiency, it is capable of shipping goods in a time, safe and secure manner.

Ocean Shipping

Humans have been using Ocean Shipping since millenniums; it is an affordable service that we, as Cargo Logistics provide to our respective clients. Being an eco-friendly alternative, Ocean Freight Service is known to emit the minimum amount of carbon into the atmosphere. With our capable and effective service, we are able to transport heavy duty commodities.


Intermodal is a way to ease logistics by utilizing two or more ways to transport commodities to the designated addresses, Cargo Logistics offers a smooth and easy intermodal service to transport goods of all weights and sizes safely.

Flatbed/Open Deck

Keep your unique cargos moving with open deck services. Whether shipping over dimensional or heavy haul loads, trust our flatbed freight experts to help mitigate market fluctuations with capacity options for your planned, seasonal, and project-based flatbed freight.

Specialty Services

Cover even your most specific truckload needs with our specialized truckload services. Whether you’re shipping hazardous materials (HAZMAT) or looking for specific services like power only, Cargo Logistics has you covered.


Ship your truckload freight faster at competitive prices. Consider team drivers or expedited service to meet your unique, time-critical shipments.

Drop Trailer

Make the most space on your dock. Create loading and unloading efficiencies with our drop trailer services. Load on your schedule without overcrowding or carrier penalties.


Cargo Logistics has been a keen organization in the market, we have our warehouses in multiple locations where we cater to the requirements of businesses and individuals to provide their products with a space to safely store their commodities temporarily. With our Warehousing Services, you have nothing to worry about.